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2020 years China's virtual reality market size will reach 100 billion
- Apr 27, 2017 -

In the first 2017 annual China Virtual Reality Business Value Development Forum, Virtual Reality Industry Alliance Deputy Secretary-General Hu Chunmin said that this year, with product promotion, rich content and other factors, virtual reality market sales will have greater growth The It is predicted that by 2020, China's virtual reality market size will reach 100 billion.

"2016 is the first year of virtual reality consumption, because the industry there are a lot of consumer products .2016, China's virtual reality industry shipments are 30 million units, sales have been in the world's second, second only to the United States. Institutions are optimistic about the virtual reality of the industry outlook.GaoSheng forecast 2025 virtual reality market size will reach 80 billion US dollars, Citigroup predicts 2035 to reach the trillion market. "Hu Chunmin said.

Industry analyst Hou Yunxian analysis, 2016 is the virtual reality of the first year of industrialization, because this year, the market has three star products listed, the relative maturity of the hardware led the rapid development of the entire market began. 2017 to 2020, the virtual reality market will be in a period of rapid development, there will be explosive applications, and then drive the next round of rapid development of the industry.

Countries in the world are in the virtual reality industry to speed up the layout. How to occupy the commanding heights of this new industry? "The most important is the standard, China is also developing the relevant standards.Virtual Reality Industry Alliance has developed and issued a helmet standards, will be officially implemented on July 1." Hu Chunmin said.

But a number of experts admitted that China's current virtual reality industrial ecosystem is still relatively weak. Hu Zhenmin pointed out that the virtual reality of the industrial ecosystem system has two main levels, the first is the industry itself, including equipment acquisition, display input hardware development tools, operating system platform, etc .; the second is the industry application. At present, China in the whole industry system more emphasis on industry applications, and hardware, including development tools and operating systems is relatively weak.

Hou Yunxian said that the virtual reality industry, including hardware, software, applications and follow-up services. Among them, the parts include sensors, optical devices, chips and monitors. Equipment, including output devices and input devices, the output device is the consumer can access to the helmets, glasses and integrated VR equipment, etc., the input device is to capture the feedback system. The software includes output processing and system platforms. Virtual reality industry applications are mainly divided into enterprise applications and consumer applications, enterprise applications include real estate engineering retail, education, medical, military, travel news, etc., consumer applications, including live games and video.

"The hardware and software aspects of our country is still relatively weak. Although the domestic application of a wide range of content, but the content is not enough support, the service is their own battle.Virtual reality industrial ecosystem is weak, but also means that now and future new manufacturers have the opportunity to cut into this piece of cake , Is expected in 2020 China's virtual reality market will reach nearly 100 billion scale. "Hou Yunxian said.

Domestic and foreign funds are very popular virtual reality industry. According to Hou Yunxian introduction, in recent years, some global technology giants have been cut into the virtual reality industry, 2016 global investment and financing scale of 2.32 billion US dollars. Compared with 2015, the biggest feature is the hardware catch up with other categories, from 19% to 38%. In addition, the financing advantages of the solution are still clear, 2015 and 2016 are about 10%. Video service financing is huge.


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