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Commerical advertising LED display solution
- May 19, 2017 -

System configuration:

1.Display system:outdoor LED cabinet

2.Controlling system:consists of PC, graphic card, LED Processor, video processor, communication system.
3.  System software
4.  Remote advertising software
5.  Environment monitoring system: temperature sensor, brightness controlling system
6.  AC power system: power distributor
7.  Multimedia system: video camera, sound speaker, power amplifier, Audi & Video switcher, TV receiver, DVD player


Display system functions:

1.Video function
2.Text /image/information publish
4.Safety function
Accurate system:no error occurs.
Response time:real time.reaction function
5.Remote monitoring –details.

6.Remote and step on powering system 
The led display system which including the led panels, speakers, cooling fans is controlled by PLC intelligent power system. A reliable power system is very important for the stability of the whole led display system. And by step power method, the system can avoid from the shock of instantaneous high current, and the material could be well protected, so it extent the lifetime of the display.
7.Anti-lightening functions
8.Anti-high temperature functions
9.System protection functions 
The led display system has protect functions such as anti-high temperature, Anti-corrosion, pest control, waterproof, dust-proof, lightning protection, anti-static, wind, earthquake, anti-jamming systems such protection function.
10.Set up parameter 
Brightness, grey scale, contrast ration, temperature parameter set up function.
System extension function 
11.Video camera, HD camera, DVD, can be introduced into the system.

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