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Do not give me LED screen, I just want to quietly do a street lamp!
- Apr 18, 2017 -

With the continuous development of LED display technology, full color, small pitch, 3D, etc., and now the traditional outdoor media is almost replaced by LED display technology, traffic-induced screen, advertising screen, the door screen, etc., and now even Road poles can also be installed on the LED advertising display.

"A multi-purpose" features also let the wisdom of light pole concern. According to the person in charge of the Shanghai smart pole project, since the opening of the smart light pole, the new energy car charging function is the highest utilization rate of the public; and the street management department, it is the remote control dimming function, of course, the Internet age, Wi -Fi function has always been the darling of the public. "A smart pole, including the function of nearly ten kinds of road rods, so that the chaos of the rod body to solve. Can also effectively save the city's ground and space resources, but also a meticulous development of urban management performance." Tongji University Road Engineering Department of Energy Automotive Industry Research Center, a professor said.


Benefit from the "building a smart city" policy to promote the city has a large number of road poles do more information, automation, is to make the wisdom of the city building has become a more real way. As a "smart street" advertising upgrade version of "light pole screen" not only in the road guidance, road coverage, information dissemination, and so has a unique advantage. At the same time light pole screen in the promotion of the strength can not be underestimated, because the LED billboard display occupies a smaller area, you can make full use of space, greatly improving the road poles LED billboard display practical rate.


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