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Evaluation of the basic principles of LED display performance
- Jan 08, 2018 -

With the continuous growth of LED display applications, people have more understanding of led display. Due to the characteristics of customized LED display itself, how to choose a suitable LED products, terminal customers generally need to fully communicate with the sales staff, it is possible to develop a plan to meet the real needs of customers.

As the LED display is a relatively professional product, non-professional customers generally do not judge the basic knowledge of the product, therefore, we first need to establish a standard we all recognize the judge. LED display A large information display terminal whose basic function is to display the source information in a comprehensive and faithful manner to the target audience, including static images, text, dynamic video and even audio. Therefore, the standard is simply saying "looks very good", giving people the view of things that people must have felt good. This omits many professional terminology descriptions and also helps to narrow the distance with the client and achieve a basic standard consensus.

But why do some displays "look good" and some display "do not look good"? This is because of the two key factors that affect the display of the display:

1, the brightness of the display: To display the correct information in an environment, there must be sufficient brightness to ensure the actual contrast of the image. Therefore, depending on the use of the environment of different display must have the appropriate brightness to ensure.

After the display is put into use, the brightness of the LED tube as the light source begins to decay. When the brightness decays to half of the original brightness, the life of the display is finished by definition. Therefore, the rate of brightness attenuation is one of the important performance of the display.

2, the display color consistency: the primary color display, the brightness of each color, color consistency, in the display of white, no noise. This is the basis for ensuring the correct restoration of information source color information.

In the initial use of the display, in general, should be able to ensure color consistency. With the use of LED tube attenuation, due to the semiconductor device itself has the individual differences, as well as LED production process differences, resulting in decay curve of each LED tube is different, resulting in the use of time as the display color consistent Sex is getting worse.

Based on the above two basic judgments, we can reach a consensus with the customer is: one of the important factors to judge the inherent quality of the display, that is, the choice of LED:

Low decay rate and good attenuation curve consistency.

To ensure that this is done, the first LED manufacturers need to have good manufacturing process, followed by the entire production process does not make LED display by the impact of static electricity and so on.

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