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Factors affecting LED full color display life
- Dec 28, 2016 -

1. the peripheral components impact: other than the LED light-emitting device, also uses many other LED display peripheral components, including circuit boards, plastic shell, switching power supplies, connectors, housings, any problems with parts, all contribute to reduced life expectancy of the display. Therefore, the maximum lifetime of the display is determined by the shortest life of the life of key components. For example, LED, switch, power supply, metal case are 8 standards the choice of materials, protection technology can support the work of the circuit board for 3 years, after 3 years because of corrosion damage will occur, and that we only got a 3-year life of the display. 2, the performance of LED light emitting devices: LED light-emitting device display is the most crucial is the part most relevant to life. LED, mainly the following indicators: attenuation and water vapor permeability, UV resistance.

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