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How to Choose High Qualified Power Suppy
- Mar 24, 2017 -

LED display power supply as an important part of the power supply system, selecting a reliable and reliable power supply, LED display energy-saving effect and span life are significantly improved;then how to correctly identify and select a qualified LED display power supply can be considered from the following seven aspects:


First, look at the appearance of the process to choose LED display power. A good power supply manufacturers, the work process is also very strict, because it can guarantee the bulk of the product consistency. An irresponsible manufacturers, the production of its power supply appearance, tin surface, the arrangement of the elements of uniformity is definitely not good.


Second, from the full load efficiency to select the LED display power. Power efficiency is one of the most important indicators, and high efficiency power conversion rate is high, so that both with the requirements of energy saving and environmental protection, but also real can save money for users .


Third, the output voltage of the constant voltage power supply is large. The size of the ripple has a very large impact on the life of the electrical equipment, the smaller, the better to the ripple.


Fourth, observe the power supply temperature to choose the LED display power supply. Temperature rise affects the stability of power and span life, the lower the temperature rise , the better temperature rise. Also from the efficiency, the general efficiency of high temperature rise will be small.


Fifth, due to the LED display product properties, in the broadcast video or screen usually produces instantaneous changes in current, which on the LED power supply made more stringent requirements. In general, in order to ensure the normal display of the screen, you need to set aside a certain margin on the power supply products. In general, the more reserved, the more stable the performance of the power supply, the longer the life, but this increases the cost of the power supply, because too much margin is also likely to cause waste. At present, the industry's LED display power is generally set aside 20% - 30% of the margin.


Sixth, in order to increase the span life of the power supply, it is recommended to use more than 30% of the rated output power models. For example, if the system needs a 100W power supply, it is recommended to select more than 130W output power rating models, and so on can effectively improve the power supply life.


The application function: signal function, remote control function, telemetry function, parallel function, etc .; special function: power function, such as protection function, over-voltage protection, over-temperature protection, overload protection, etc. Due to correction (PFC), Continuous power (UPS).

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