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How To Choose Power Supply For Led Screen
- Dec 26, 2017 -

LED is the sensitive semiconductot fot component and it should be protected when working, nevertherless.limited by the led efficency, we need proffesional led driver to meed the needs of the brightness.

So how to choose power supply for led screen? Allenson led company will show you the main factors we experienced.

1> Driving method

 A) The constant volatage source supplying to the constant current souces, then to each led.

  Advantage: Work normally if any defect occurs

Weakness: More expensive

 B) The constant current source directly supplying to the led 

    Advantage: less money

    Weakness: out of order if any abnormal circuit

2) Power efficiency

As wr know the luminuos efficency will reduce with the rising tempreture, the higher the power efficiency, the lower the power loss. Then it will benifit to slow the decay.

3) Surge Protection

It is poor fot the leds to resist surge abd get damaged easily,while the led driver with surge suppression can protect the leds to work well.

4) Protecttive Measures

The lifespan of led driver should match with the leds,so they shold be waterproof, damp-prrof and sun-proof.And the increasing negative feedback in the constant current can avoid excessive temprerature. 

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