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Inkjet advertising LED display features
- Jan 10, 2018 -

Advertising inkjet advertising LED display features:

1.screen is fine, colorful. Inkjet advertising screen display during the day and night show LED video programs, dynamic full-color images, text, Meilun US Hwan.

2.Can produce circular billboards; can produce an area of 40-1000 ㎡ super giant outdoor display.

3.energy saving, low cost of use. The average power consumption of less than 50W / ㎡, equivalent to the traditional spotlights inkjet advertising and neon advertising 1/3 to 1/5;

4.The average service life of more than 5 years, much higher than the neon billboards.

5.low price: 2 times cheaper than conventional LED display to 3 times, providing the best cost performance.

6.Wide range of uses, suitable for a variety of building exterior advertising, roof ads, column ads, highway ads and so on.

7.play video and text images directly, advertising screen content anytime, anywhere, want to change.

8.huge amount of advertising, a billboard playing dozens of daily, hundreds of different ads, drew numerous business opportunities;

9.All-digital technology, remote control can be achieved, receiving and playing a variety of signal images.

10.LED light bar unit structure, small size, light weight, easy transportation, easy installation, wall stickers can be installed; easy maintenance, any combination and replacement.

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