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Led Display environment
- Dec 26, 2017 -

LED display by the use of the environment is divided into indoor LED display, semi-outdoor LED display, outdoor LED display

Indoor screen area generally less than 1 square meter to more than ten square meters, high point density, non-direct sunlight or lighting environment, viewing distance of a few meters away, the screen does not have the waterproof seal.

Semi-outdoor screen between outdoor and indoor between the two, with high brightness, can be used outdoors in non-direct sunlight, the screen has a certain seal, usually under the roof or in the window.

Outdoor screen area is generally from a few square meters to dozens or even hundreds of square meters, the point density is more dilute (mostly 1000-10000 points per square meter), luminous brightness of 3000-6000cd / square meter (towards different, brightness requirements are different) Direct use of the conditions of viewing tens of meters away, the screen has a good wind and rain and lightning protection capabilities.

image_1479213193_p5 smd outdoor led screen.jpg

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