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LED display industry data behind the story
- May 12, 2017 -

China led display industry development so far all the strength is far ahead, and in 2016 in the small pitch LED God assists, it is further. The entire led display industry product demand, many applications market, subdivision of the field data that the current led display industry development situation continues to improve. However, in addition to a variety of "good" data, we also need to face the current development of the domestic led display industry, the difficulties, as well as the specific problems of their own prices, raw materials prices in the early low tide, the price war was started soon , The screen enterprises must fully understand the various aspects of the industry, in product and market planning must be cautious, while more concerned about the industry "new blue ocean" to break the homogenization of the deadlock.

According to LEDinside survey, 2015 global LED packaging and module output value of 14.3 billion US dollars, 2016 annual output is expected to increase to 14.7 billion US dollars, an increase of 2.6%, estimated 2017 annual output value of up to 15.3 billion US dollars, the annual growth rate of about 5 %.

The data show that the beginning of 2017 due to raw material prices, the entire upstream LED chip in short supply, to maintain the status of several months of full production, leading to leading enterprises have price increases, chip market ushered in expansion. It is understood that in order to snatch the supply price opportunities in short supply, LED chip leading enterprises this year increased by about 345 machines, the end of this year the global effective production capacity reached 83.28 million / year.

As we all know, led display industry to the present, the market growth and into a slow period, although the industry part of the effective expansion of production capacity, to help the industry to complete the integration to accelerate the concentration of the brand manufacturers. But there is no expansion of market growth, is always "air loft", once the change will cause serious market disorder. As of now, this has brought the price of raw materials brought about by the industry to increase the production of "sequelae" to the beginning of the attack: the current led display industry supply and demand in the oversupply of the imbalance, especially Part of the packaging business, has a large area of price cuts, which also to the downstream screen enterprises caused great pressure, a massive price war imminent.

In recent years, the digital signs of the vast blue ocean market has also attracted a lot of attention led enterprises. In many industry exhibition, many LED screen enterprises have launched LED digital signage products and related solutions, many of which have been some very exciting project case. Although compared to LCD, LCD, led display in the price advantage is small, but whether it is display or durability and simple and easy maintenance, etc., LED display technology in the field of digital signage is still promising. On the other hand the field of digital signage as a new application of LED display area, is entirely a new area, led display enterprises can give full play to the enthusiasm of innovation. Constantly integrating new technologies such as touch, identification, human-computer interaction and process tracking, including gesture remote control, 3D technology, WiFi positioning and other cross-border forms of expression for the future of LED digital signage to create more possibilities.

According to Ovilvy Wang network data show that in 2016 the Chinese market was the overall size of 37.5 billion yuan. The largest volume is the electronic whiteboard, 13.5 billion, and then are the laser projection, commercial TV, flat stitching, four or five billion level. The fastest growth rate is laser projection, up 319.1% year on year. Followed by small spacing LED, an increase of 73.6%.

2016 obviously feel the small pitch technology and market development of further growth, accompanied by low-light high ash, dead light vacancy rate and other technical barriers one by one crack, small distance led display In addition to the indoor application market development light, in the commercial The display area also starts to shine. However, according to the current industry, the development of small-pitch technology and its market competition, from a long-term perspective: small pitch technology will gradually lower the threshold, the profit will gradually decline is relatively high, so the business as a small pitch LED Of the new blue ocean, a lot of screen enterprises are very optimistic, such as the industry's first dedicated to the commercial display market layout of the Corrente, they not only set up specifically responsible for this piece of the market subsidiary, after a year of exploration and accumulation, Significant products have also been recognized by many markets, business was established brand is also effective, launched a mural screen, poster screen and a series of very prominent LED display products.

But the opportunities and challenges are coexistence, led display companies want to enter the market, in addition to the face of LCD, LCD and other traditional commercial display product pressure, have to use the same laser projection, electronic whiteboard, Upstart "display products to compete fiercely. On the other hand, the market demand for products and screen enterprises in all aspects of the requirements are higher, so the screen enterprises want to make a business in the market, we must improve their product innovation, brand influence and services, etc. Comprehensive strength.

Always look 2017, China led display industry will usher in a greater outbreak. Which a small gap between the market and its related use of the market growth trend is obvious. For the screen enterprises in the current situation is not clear in the case, whether it is down to earth to keep their own market or increase investment in technology research and development of new led display products, extended led display market segments are walking in the positive development of the road.


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