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LED display industry summit revealed which industry development signal?
- Apr 26, 2017 -

At present, LED display industry has ushered in a new era, small pitch products in the application market outbreak, it is leading the LED display industry to a new historical height. New technology, the endless emergence of new products completely subvert the traditional display industry survival rules.

April 20, LED display the beauty of the world The fifth phase of Baoan Peach Blossom Spring Innovation Forum and the sixth China LED display industry innovation application summit in Shenzhen Baoan District Qianhai Overseas Chinese City JW Marriott Hotel grand curtain. From the Southern University of Science and Technology Institute Executive Dean Sun Xiaowei, assistant professor Liu Zhaojun, Zhejiang University Changzhou Industrial Technology Research Institute doctoral tutor Hu Jizhong, Taiwan 3D show godfather Wang Jungui and other academic fees and Li Yade, the joint photoelectric, Lehman Optoelectronics, Abby Seneca, Chau Ming Technology, Mai Rui Optoelectronics, Hangzhou, the United States and music, Sri Lanka Ming core, the sun and the moon into science and technology, blue Pu video, Shanghai think twice, Kang was new, Han Yuanheng, Regent photoelectric , A photoelectric led display on behalf of business executives gathered together to jointly explore the LED display industry in the future development of new impetus.


                                             Summit scene

The summit by the Shenzhen Baoan District People's Government, Bao'an District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau, Shenzhen LED Industry Federation contractors, Baoan District Science and Technology Innovation Service Center co-organized. The meeting focused on the "new technology, new models, new challenges," the three major themes, focus on showing the beauty of LED display the world, attracting the political, industry, academia, research, and other elite with a total of 300 participants.

Shenzhen Baoan District Science and Technology Innovation Bureau Yu Jianfeng, said the speech, the summit aims to bring together the wisdom of innovation and development, promote Bao'an District to speed up innovation and development, the construction of western Shenzhen innovation heights. Baoan as a manufacturing region, 2016 above-scale industrial output value of 583.054 billion yuan, of which the secondary industry added value of 149.501 billion yuan, accounting for 49.78, GDP exceeded 300 billion for the first time, an increase of 8.8%, faster than the national The province, to achieve the "thirteen five" a good start. With the entry into the global economy into the "new normal", Baoan District, adhere to the path of upgrading, focus on cultivating strategic emerging industries, once the traditional industrial city is transformed into high-end industrial manufacturing-oriented high-tech industry area.

Yu Jianfeng Secretary introduced, led display industry as one of the key manufacturing industries Baoan District, Bao'an is to promote cultural media, security monitoring, intelligent city construction an important part of the future development prospects can be expected. But Baoan led display industry is also the existence of scientific and technological innovation, wisdom to lead, enhance the competitiveness of many urgent problems to be solved, the future, looking forward to more scientific and technological research and development institutions to Baoan rooted, and constantly deepen Baoan production and research cooperation model for Baoan Transformation, innovation and development to provide a strong cornerstone.

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