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LED dot matrix display screen features
- Jan 03, 2018 -

Combination of LED dot matrix displays with light-emitting diodes as a pixel, it uses high-brightness LED chip array combination, and then through the epoxy resin and molded package. With high brightness, low power consumption, less pins, viewing angle, long life, humidity, heat, corrosion-resistant and so on.

Dot matrix displays have two types of monochrome and bicolor, can display red, yellow, green, orange and so on. LED dot matrix has 4 × 4, 4 × 8, 5 × 7, 5 × 8, 8 × 8, 16 × 16, 24 × 24, 40 × 40 and so on; According to the number of pixels divided into equal, , RGB, etc. The colors of the texts, images and the like displayed according to the colors of the pixels are also different. The single-primary color dot matrix can only display the fixed colors of red, green and yellow, such as single color, double primary color and three primary color dot matrix display content Of the color by different colors within the pixel light-emitting diode combination of light decisions, such as red and green are bright yellow, if in accordance with the pulse control of the diode lighting time, you can achieve 256 or higher gray Display, you can achieve true color display.

Several LED dot matrix display internal circuit structure and appearance specifications, other types of dot matrix structure and the pin can be tested, LED dot matrix display can be used as a single block, you can replace the digital display of digital display can also display a variety of Chinese and Western characters and symbols, such as 5 x 7 dot matrix display for displaying Western alphabet, 5 × 8 dot matrix display for displaying Chinese and Western, 8 x 8 dot matrix for displaying Chinese characters, can also be used for graphic display. With a combination of multiple dot-matrix display can constitute a large-screen display, but this type of practical device often driven by a microcomputer or microcontroller control.

The internal structure of the LED dot matrix display shows that the device should adopt the dynamic scanning drive mode. Because the LED dies are mostly high brightness type, a single LED drive current of a row or a certain column can be selected with a narrow pulse, but the average current Should be limited to within 20mA, the majority of dot matrix display LED single unit forward voltage drop of about 2V, but the bright spot ∮ 10 dot matrix display single LED forward voltage drop of about 6V.

Large-screen display system is generally composed of a plurality of LED dot matrix modules to build a combination of building blocks, each module has its own independent control system, together as long as the introduction of a total control The control of each module commands and information can be simple and easy to show, easy to maintain features.

LED dot matrix display system in the display mode of the static and dynamic display of two. Static display principle is simple, easy to control, but the hardware wiring complex, in the practical application of the general dynamic display, dynamic display using scan mode, driven by a larger peak narrow pulse, from top to bottom, one after another on the display Curtains of all walks of the gating, at the same time sent to each column that represents the graphics or text information pulse signal, repeated loop above operation, you can display a variety of graphics or text information.

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