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LED full color display the development of three major roadblocks
- Dec 28, 2016 -

Roadblock: low profits and high input power shortage, under multiple pressures such as higher operating costs, profits and added value of the LED screen almost dropped to the freezing point. Coupled with national energy-saving emission reduction, green civilization call to otherwise struggling LED large screen is even worse. LED large screen needed to open up a scale to the value of the "pioneer" way to cope with future development of outdoor advertising of variables. Barricade II: medium value loss: due to the large LED screen locations tend to be the city's "golden section" WTO-day bands, contemporary shopping mall in Beijing, Haidian theater, for example, are in Beijing's downtown area with more traffic. Roadblocks three huge energy consumption: electricity is always fatal elements of outdoor LED display screen development, under the influence of this, most carriers deep abyss.

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