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LED in the field of lighting development
- Dec 22, 2017 -

LED industry has been in development in the world for many years, then you know how the LED is to enter the field of lighting, the following OFweek semiconductor lighting network to edit the LED into the field of lighting history:

From 1962 the first red light-emitting diode was born, people continue to develop a variety of orange, yellow, green and other single-color LED, and for a variety of signal indication, logo, digital display, and gradually developed into a small LED display . In 1991 the industry MOCVD epitaxial growth Quaternary materials, developed a high-brightness light-emitting diodes; in 1994 on the GaN substrate developed the first blue light-emitting diodes; 1997 excited by blue phosphor, made the first white LED; in 2001 with ultraviolet light excited phosphor made of white LED.

High-brightness semiconductor light-emitting diode as a light source has gradually entered the light color lighting, decorative lighting, and the formation of the industry. As the technology continues to break through, luminous efficiency continues to increase, the power LED has been industrialized, multi-chip combination of white LED power is significantly increased. LED gradually into the lighting field, such as LED car lights, LED backlight, LED flashlight, LED lamp, LED spotlights, LED lights, LED tunnel lights, LED indoor general lighting.

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