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Let the display more simple, IFC 2017 on the 'as the wind‘
- Apr 14, 2017 -

April 12, Asia-Pacific's largest professional audio-visual and information communications industry exhibition Infocomm china 2017 grand opening in the Beijing National Convention Center, from 40 countries and regions, more than 300 exhibitors gathered in the capital, 87 first appeared in Asia Of the new products and at least 82 kinds of solutions for the first time in the Chinese market, many manufacturers unanimously selected InfoComm China 2017 as a display platform to formally promote its important products.

Audio-visual industry, the processor has been as a "behind the scenes" around the display and other terminal display, a good screen without a good processor, it is difficult to achieve from the display to the display style of diversification.

In the previous few exhibitions, we introduced the CP 3072PRO products are mainly used in leasing, studio and a variety of performing arts projects. The function of the product can not only replace the early as their own equipment, but also to adapt to the current market demand for a more significant technological innovation, to achieve a stunning powerful effect.

Since there are three editable layers, one of the layers is the background layer, and you can enter real-time video in addition to the full-size image as the background. Real-time video layers can be scaled. In addition to support the additional three layers, respectively, support LOGO, logo and subtitles editing.

In the input module CP 3072PRO can support 9 independent slot output, to meet the HDMI, DVI, 3G-SDI, DP, USB and other mainstream signal interface on the market, while supporting 4K signal input, and can be multi-screen pre-monitoring The

Through the push rod or TAKE button can be achieved between the layers and scenes of a variety of seamless effects switch.


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