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Let the LED display clearer several tips
- Jan 12, 2018 -

LED display can be divided into many kinds, such as: led cell board, monochrome LED display, two-color LED display, inkjet screen, LED full color display. If the LED display does not show more clearly, it will directly affect the overall LED display. So how do we make the LED display clearer, let LED experts in Shenzhen LED display easy for everyone to support.

LED full-color display grayscale, contrast, refresh rate and other technical indicators directly affect the level of full-color LED display.

1, grayscale

Grayscale refers to the single-color led display brightness from the darkest to the brightest can distinguish between the brightness levels, the higher the gray scale led display, the more rich the color, the more beautiful the color; the other hand, the display color is single Change is simple. Grayscale to improve, can greatly enhance the color depth, making the image color display level geometry increased. LED grayscale control level of 14bit ~ 16bit, making high-end display products, image-level resolution details and display have reached the world advanced level. With the development of hardware technology, LED gray scale will continue to develop higher control precision.

2, improve the contrast

Contrast is one of the key factors affecting the visual effects, in general, the higher the contrast, the clearer eye-catching images, the more vivid color beautiful. High contrast for the image clarity, detail performance, the level of grayscale performance are of great help. In some black and white contrast large text, video display, high-contrast led display in black and white contrast, clarity, completeness and other advantages. Contrast for the dynamic video display to a greater impact, due to dynamic image shading conversion faster, higher contrast, the human eye more easily identify such a conversion process.

Two main ways to improve display contrast:

(1) improve the brightness led display

LED display brightness in some cases, not the higher the better. Such as indoor display, if the brightness is too high, the formation of light pollution, damage to the observer's eyesight.

(2) reduce the surface reflectance LED display

Mainly in the LED panel and LED light tube for a special process, reducing the LED panel reflectivity, thereby enhancing the contrast of led display.

NX series point-to-point spacing of 4mm LED full-color high-end display, from the original process of 950: 1 to 4000: 1, the product contrast in this key indicator has been greatly improved.

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