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Reasons contributing to LED full color display pixel control
- Dec 28, 2016 -

LED the major causes of failure can be divided into two aspects: one is the LED itself poor quality; the second is incorrect use. Through analysis we summed LED failure modes and the relationship between these two main reasons. Above we talked about a lot of LED failure usually is in a routine test for LED test could not be found. Except in by electrostatic discharge, and big current (caused knot temperature high), and external strong, improper using outside, many LED failure is in high temperature, and low temperature, and temperature fast changes or other bad conditions Xia, due to LED chip, and epoxy resin, and bracket, and within leads, and solid Crystal rubber, and PPA Cup body, material hot expansion coefficient of differences, raised its internal stress of different and produced of, so, LED of quality detection is a items is complex of work.

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