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Rental LED screen how to choose& how to maintain?
- Jun 21, 2017 -

LED stage screen procurement costs are high, more than one million or even millions of yuan dollars. Lease buyers want to go back as soon as possible to participate in activities to recover the cost, while maximizing the life of the screen body, so that the screen body to produce as much as possible income.

How to maintain the LED stage rental screen

1, control the temperature. Stage LED display is mainly composed of the control panel, switching power supply, light-emitting devices and other components, and all of these components of the life and stability and the temperature is closely related to the work. If the actual operating temperature exceeds the scope of use of the product, not only its life will be shortened, the product itself will be seriously damaged.

2, the threat of dust can not be ignored. In the relatively large dust environment, due to PCB adsorption of dust, and dust deposition will affect the electronic components of the heat, will lead to component temperature rise, and then the thermal stability of the decline or even leakage, serious will lead to burn. Dust will absorb moisture, thus corrosion of electronic circuits, resulting in some difficult to troubleshoot short circuit problems. So pay attention to keep the studio clean, to avoid dust, ready to work in advance.

3, ground maintenance. LED display every time you use, put each box are wiping clean, may rusty places are coated with waste oil. So a few years down the display to ensure that the new and almost.

4, build personnel on the LED display equipment maintenance knowledge. These conditions led to the display in the scene by the violent handling, transport structures in the corner of the lights knocked out, or corner of the mask if the bump will tilt. Suggested activities are not much time to strengthen staff training, improve staff literacy and activities to build the work efficiency.

In addition the manufacturer can improve the rental screen warranty period, take the initiative to repair the door, training the customer's operator how to properly remove and repair screen body. Even in some cases to provide factory maintenance.

The points to buy LED stage rental screen  

1. Product safety and damage

According to the rental screen installation environment analysis, the general use of LED screen ceiling or wall-mounted installation. The use of these two kinds of installation, the rental screen weight and safety have a higher demand. Because the rental screen needs to be stacked high, and hoisting the way, the rental screen must be thin, the connection must be solid and reliable and easy to detect, to avoid the installation of negligence, to the site personnel cause potential threats.

LED rental screen often need to carry a car, ship or aircraft transport, in the delivery process, may be because of the bumps on the edge of the rental screen bumps, but in order not to affect the use of the effect, the rental screen to have a certain degree of damage, This will reduce the damage caused by the transport of electronic components, so as not to affect the normal display function.

2. Easy installation and removal

To ensure the safety and normal use of the rental screen, the general rental screen is equipped with a professional display installation team, but this will increase the customer's budget costs. Therefore, manufacturers should be easy to install and disassemble the design of the product, easy to install the general staff can easily assembled demolition rental screen, reduce the cost of customer installation costs, improve installation efficiency.

3. Quick replacement and repair

When the rental screen appears partial display failure, LED display rental screen must be partially removable, and to replace the rapid, to ensure the normal performance.

4. Control system easy to use

In the combination of installation, the leasing business to provide professional control system guidebook, the installation of equipment should also indicate the details of the guidance to facilitate the identification of components and installation order to prevent the installation error, affecting the use of rental screen progress.



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