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Talking about the development of led display panel market
- Dec 28, 2016 -

The current development situation, has led display products from relatively narrow professional, high-end applications (such as broadcasting, electricity, telecommunications, etc) expanded to now cover public administration, people's livelihood, energy, industrial, commercial, entertainment, and dozens of application segments. With upper LCD panel makers continue to push Chen Buxin, product line of led display screen constantly updates, trend of liquid crystal Panel makes the products more "close to the people. At this stage, the current mainstream in the large screen display technology, led display market share accounted for 48% of the market as a whole, almost caught the DLP market share. Technology base and the level of Chinese led display industry is quite advanced, products and key technologies can broadly in line with international advanced level, but the technology is still relatively backward, standardization of products, system design, reliability, manufacturing technology and measurement test method has obvious gap with foreign countries.

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