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The matters of LED screen in the use of the process
- Jun 26, 2017 -

LED screen in the course of the use of a lot of attention, different occasions, different use of the project, with different requirements. LED screen in the TV, film and television projects which need our attention to the matter? Allenson sharing tips for everyone!

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LED screen in the TV studio and television broadcast of the large-scale activities are increasingly being used, but in the use of LED screen TV screen effect is very different, and some from the beginning to the end of the screen colorful, clear and stable; Not clear. This requires us to LED screen selection and use of the process to pay attention to the following aspects:

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1. The shooting distance should be appropriate

As mentioned earlier in terms of point spacing and fill factor, different spacing, different fill factor LED screen, the appropriate shooting distance is not the same. To point spacing of 4.25 mm, fill the coefficient of 60% of the LED display, for example, the distance between the characters and the screen in the 4-10 m more appropriate, so when shooting people can get a better background picture. If the characters from the screen too close, shooting close-range, the background will appear grainy, but also prone to moire interference.

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2. Point spacing should be as small as possible

The dot pitch is the distance between the center points of the adjacent pixels of the LED screen. The smaller the pitch, the more pixels per unit area, the higher the resolution, the closer the shooting distance, and the more expensive the price will be. At present, the dot pitch of the LED screen used in the domestic television studio is 6-8 mm, and the relationship between the resolution and the point spacing of the signal source should be carefully studied, so that the resolution is consistent and the point-to-point display is achieved Good effect.

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3. Color temperature can be adjusted

Studio use LED screen as the background, the color temperature should be consistent with the studio light color temperature, in order to get accurate color reproduction in the shooting. Studio lighting according to program needs, sometimes use 3200K low color temperature lamps, sometimes use 5600K high color temperature lamps, LED display will need to adjust to the corresponding color temperature, so as to obtain a satisfactory shooting.

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4. Ensure a good use of the environment

LED screen life and stability are closely related with the working temperature. If the actual operating temperature exceeds the scope of use of the product, not only its life will be shortened, the product itself will be seriously damaged. In addition, the threat of dust can not be ignored. Dust will be too much, will lead to thermal stability of the led screen or even produce leakage, serious will lead to burn; dust will absorb moisture, thereby corrosion of electronic circuits, causing some difficult to troubleshoot short circuit problems, so pay attention to keep the studio clean. The same time as the above

The same time as the above

In the TV program using led screen, we have to choose the right LED screen, in-depth understanding of their characteristics, for different studio conditions, program forms and requirements to select technology products as the background, so that these new technologies to maximize its advantages

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