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Two common outdoor led display packaging
- May 04, 2017 -

LED full color in the production process, the package is a very important part, and now, the market has two kinds of outdoor led display package: DIP, SMD. What are the differences between the two types of packaging?


We know that the role of the package is to connect the outer lead to the LED chip electrode, while protecting the LED chip, and play a role in improving the luminous efficiency, good package can make LED with better luminous efficiency and cooling environment, and then enhance LED life.


One .DIP encapsulation

DIP package, is the dual inline-pin package abbreviation, commonly known as plug-type display. Is the first three kinds of packaging model developed. The lamp beads are manufactured by the LED lamp beads manufacturer, and then the LED module and the display screen manufacturers will be inserted into the LED board of the LED board, after the wave soldering DIP semi-outdoor module and outdoor waterproof module. The initial is the red, green and blue three colors of light inserted in the PCB to form an RGB pixel, the latter three RGB chip can be packaged in a lamp, that is, three-in-one outdoor full color, relatively speaking, The production efficiency and production costs. But regardless of single light RGB or triple RGB are dotted by the diameter of the lamp beads, the current can only do P6, it is difficult to achieve a higher density of outdoor display. Protection performance is good, but the angle is not accurate fixed, generally between 100-110, so suitable for outdoor large distance display.


DIP display At present, the production organization is more complex, difficult to implement mechanized production, under the production efficiency. The quality of the display screen is controlled by the lamp beads of the lamp beads, and the quality of each batch is not well controlled. In addition DIP manufacturers many, there is no high technical and equipment threshold, highly competitive, many manufacturers use inferior raw materials and PCB board, reduce costs to gain market share, low quality, almost no perfect after-sale guarantee.

DIP products from the appearance of relatively rough, only 100-110 degrees perspective, the quality is not high, high energy consumption, not environmentally friendly, low prices, the current outdoor P20-P8 market can occupy a strong market share.



Two. SMD package

SMD package, is the surface Mounted Devices abbreviation, meaning: surface mount device, it is SMT (Surface Mount Technology Chinese: surface adhesion technology) components in a. "At the initial stage of the production of electronic circuit boards, the through-hole assembly is done entirely by hand, and after the first automated machines are available, they can be placed with some simple pin components, but complex components still need to be placed manually for wave soldering. Surface mount components were introduced around 20 years ago and have created a new era, from passive components to active components and integrated circuits that eventually become surface mount devices (SMDs) and can be accessed by pick-and-place equipment Assembly. For a long time people think that all the pin components can eventually be used SMD package. SMD technology in the LED display using a wide range.


Three-in-one is a LED display SMD technology, is the RGB three different colors of the LED chip package SMT lamp in accordance with a certain spacing in the same colloid. Three-in-one SMD technology with full color LED display Screen screen viewing angle relative to the larger DIP, and the surface can do light diffuse treatment, the results are not granular, even color is good. From the color terms, the three-in-one full-color sub-color separation is easier than the third fight, and the color saturation is high. Three in one is to use the whole surface to light, so the overall color of the triple more uniform. Three-in-one overall flatness is much easier to control. Has been used in high-definition LED display standard technology.


Early development, because the manufacturing process is complex, difficult maintenance, resulting in very high cost, generally used for high-end LED display products. In recent years due to the rapid development of three-in-one technology and continuous improvement of production processes, extensive use of automatic equipment, SMD rapid development, cost reduction a lot, is the mainstream LED display products. And has begun to penetrate the outdoor display market, but the brightness and outdoor waterproof, moisture, dust, anti-static, anti-oxidation has been its insurmountable gap.


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