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What brand of LED display? Than the brand you have to pay attention to these four issues
- Jun 05, 2017 -

First, the price


The price is generally the majority of users more concerned about a reason, especially in the country, because we all want to buy a cheap product, because the cheaper the price the more customers will be more happy. But this way the problem came, whether the lower the price the better the quality of it? Here is to give a big question mark. The old saying that the wool out of the body, too cheap LED display products used in the material, technology and pre-sale service quality is really unimaginable, say that no good goods that is really right!


Second, the technical aspects


LED display manufacturers choose not only depends on the price, but also need to see whether the manufacturer of patented technology? Is the project implementation experience mature? Many cases of success, the normal is not a professional company to do the LED display, the quality of their products are can not bear to look directly. General technical advanced LED screen manufacturers will be in the implementation of the project, as well as the sale process to reduce a lot of problems, to avoid time and money on the waste.


Third, after-sales service


We all know what products are not long-term use, can not have been bad, many people do not know LED display with a long life, the normal theoretical life is 100,000 hours, but after prolonged use will inevitably There are some problems, which contains some technical problems, but it also requires professional maintenance, so this way to service is essential.


Fourth, geographical reasons


In the choice of LED display manufacturers, I believe most of the users are more willing to choose the local after-sales service manufacturers, why? Because the communication will be more convenient, follow-up maintenance will be faster, you can directly handle your hands directly to teach you, do not have to call or chat is so strenuous.


So the majority of users, in the choice of LED display manufacturers must consider all aspects of the factors, consider the above four points and even more hope that we can buy favorite products.


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