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Wireless LED display features
- Dec 23, 2017 -

First, the large-scale network: Wireless LED display through GSM, GPRS, CDMA, 3G and other wireless networks to send information, using TCP / IP network transmission protocol, unlimited number of terminal network, which can be large-scale networking.

Second, real-time release of information: Wireless LED display can receive information issued by the information center at any time.

Third, not subject to distance restrictions: Wireless LED display can be used throughout the country, as long as there is a wireless network coverage where you can use, without distance and location restrictions.

Fourth, the installation and maintenance convenience: As no need to lay fiber optic cable or communication cable, so easy to choose the location of wireless LED display installation. Modular design, easy maintenance and repair, and automatically save all the information Automatic dial-up Internet, dropped calls automatically redial, to ensure reliable connection, power again after power failure Wireless LED display automatically play the original message, anti-jamming design, suitable for electromagnetic Harsh environment applications, high and low temperature design, to adapt to low temperature and high temperature work environment.

Fifth, a variety of information release methods: According to the selected communication network, you can choose different ways to send information to update the wireless LED display on the message, and can be mass, group hair, single point to send information. Such as: computer through the Internet to send the relevant web site, the computer sends through a dedicated information module, ordinary mobile phone to send.

Sixth, a variety of LED display options: all kinds of indoor, semi-outdoor, outdoor single-color, dual-color, color and so on.

Seven, multiple language choices: such as numbers, letters, Chinese, English and so on.

Eight, a wealth of information display: Each information can customize its display and dwell time, you can arrange any display, very flexible.

Nine, a variety of information encryption methods: such as users need to set the information sent by adding identification code and check code, or receive only the private number. Ensure information security.

Ten, support for a variety of special effects.

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