P15.625 Portable LED Curtain Display

p15.625 Portable LED Curtain Display,Ultra power-saving design: each squared average power consumption control at about 150W,ultra-light weight: unit box weighs only 14kg/sqm.

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Product Details

p15.625 Portable LED Curtain Display Features:

1. No Escape Tool design: screen environment mostly glass building in case of fire, escape and rescue are very urgent and important,

Sunrise P15.625 outdoor screen tool-free disassembly function screen rear side of two seconds, especially respect for life and fully meet fire safety requirements.


2. unique within the industry, ultra-light weight: unit box weighs only 14kg/sqm,

the project is only 1500KGS screen body weight thus reducing the building to support the weight of the body on the screen, minimize security risks!!


3.Standardized installation framework (standard frame size 200CM wide X100CM height), small on-site construction difficulty, high precision, fast efficiency!

The measure, the industry faster than 3-5 times, greatly reducing the body of the screen frame and fixed installation time, substantial savings in installation costs.


4. The screen is fixed to the body frame fixed firmware process is simple, easy to operate, completely within the industry complex and time-consuming step shortcomings.


5. The dual power backup design: display body control card power supply and separate power supply, reducing power interference between the two, improve quality screen body stability.


6. Ultra power-saving design: each squared average power consumption control at about 150W,

than peers of similar products saving more than 50% each year for the owner saving about eight million (100 square color screen, runs daily from 8:00 am to 22:00, ie 14 hours calculated)

Special module design: 500mm x 1000mm, support vertical installation, has stronger 
forward-looking design for building installation, front maintainance, easy for maintaiance of the led screen.


Control system: Linsn or Colorlight


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p15.625 Portable LED Curtain Display



Pixel Pitch




Resolution (dots/m2)


Unit Size(mm)


Pixel per Unit


Unit  Weight (kgs)


Product  Weight(kg/m2)


Transparent  Rate


Panel IP rating (Front and Rear)

Double- side IP67

The power supply voltage


Max Consumption(W/m2)


Average power consumption(W/m2)


Power supply configuration

High efficiency PFC power supply

Operating Temperature(℃)

-40℃ - +85℃

Storage Temperature(℃)

-55℃ - +120℃

Operating Humidity(RH)


Operating Humidity(RH)


The best viewing distance(M)


Drive mode

Constant current,Static

Refresh Rate(Hz)


Color Grayscale (Bit)


Signal transmission distance (m)

CAT5 cable:<100 m; Single mode fiber:<10 km



Color Temperature(K)


Optimal viewing angle(°)

≥60°(Vertical)  ≥ 120°(Horizontal)( Horizontal )

Wind resistance rating

12 degree

Installation Form

Tool-free quick installation

Fire Performance

Full V0flame retardant

Maintenance Mode

Front and back side

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