LED Display

  • P3.91 LED Outdoor Screen

    P3.91 LED Outdoor Screen

    Features: 1.High difinition, wonderful visual performance; 2.Die-casting aluminum cabinet, gracefull can high precision performance; 3.High refresh rate and high contrast, clear picture without flicker and distortion; 4.Advanced cabinet design, seamless, ensuring the flatness...Read More

  • P4.81 Indoor Led Display Panel

    P4.81 Indoor Led Display Panel

    1,Standard Cabinet design and component design,cabinet size of 500x500mm or 500x1000mm,available for different screen size,also can combine a same led screen with 500x500mm and 500x1000mm together and randomly. 2,Optinal of convex shaped,concave shaped and wave shaped screens...Read More

  • P3.91 Stage Led Display

    P3.91 Stage Led Display

    p3.91 led display,the cabinet size can be 500x500mm or 500x1000mm.Cabinet material: Die-casting Aluninum.Read More

  • P3.91 Led Display

    P3.91 Led Display

    p3.91 led display,Temperature:-20°-+50°. Humidity:≤90%. MTBF:≥10,000hours. Lifespan:≥100,000hours. Defective,Dot Rage<0.0002.Read More

  • P5.95 Indoor Rental Led Wall

    P5.95 Indoor Rental Led Wall

    Indoor rental p5.95 led display, Full color p5.95 led video wall, p5.95 led screen, SMD P5.95 led wall will used for stage, concert, events and so on....Read More

  • P3 Indoor Rental Led Board Display

    P3 Indoor Rental Led Board Display

    1. High Stability : Use high quality components and parts and sophisticated processing technique. Products with stable quality , high reliability and long life span. 2. Rich Content : It can show text, chart, graphic, cartoon ,video and so on. 3. High Refresh Rate : Adopt...Read More

  • P2.5 Indoor Led Display Panel

    P2.5 Indoor Led Display Panel

    1. 16:9 golden ratio 600x337.5 Die-casting Aluminum LED display Panels, 80mm thickness, 7.6kg/pcs panel. 2. high gray scale, 3000:1 contrast ratio,16 bit gray level, 1920Hz-3840Hz refresh rate 3. seamless tiled display, <0.01mm. 4. wide color gamut, good color uniformity,...Read More

  • P3 Rental Led Display

    P3 Rental Led Display

    p3 rental led display 1. Cabinet size: 576x576mm 2. Cabinet Material: Die-casting Magnesium Aluninum Alloy 3. Cabinet weight: 7.5kg/ pcs 4. Brightness: 1000nits/sqm 5. Controller: Novastar, Linsn, Colorlight etcRead More

  • 2.5mm Led Screen Display

    2.5mm Led Screen Display

    2.5mm led screen display,no fans design, no noise effect;easy maintenance, also both of front and back maintenance.Read More

  • P4.81 Outdoor Led Display Panel

    P4.81 Outdoor Led Display Panel

    1,Good quality led made by SMD2727,high precision performance 2,Die-casting Aluminum cabinet,500x1000mm,can be with curved angle of -+15degree 3,High contrast,Refresh rate can be 1920 to 3840Hz,suitable for stage,events,fashion shows 4,Ultralight,fast and seamless assembling...Read More

  • P4 Indoor Led Display

    P4 Indoor Led Display

    p4 indoor led display/ indoor led module, the lamps is SMD2121/SMD2020 black. Also the led module can be with magnet, front service.Read More

  • P4 Outdoor Waterproof Led Module

    P4 Outdoor Waterproof Led Module

    P4 Outdoor Waterproof Led Module, P4 led display, P4 led screen with good uniformity, p4 led board, led billboardRead More

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