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2017 Digital Outdoor Will Account For 50% Of Total Outdoor Advertising Revenue
- Jan 20, 2018 -

The digital era has weakened the living space of traditional media. The position of television as the boss of the industry has been surpassed. However, the paper and media have been transformed to find a way out. Compared to the decline of traditional media business, the story of outdoor advertising is very different, and now, outdoor advertising has become more and more widely used in the scene we live in a more diverse and varied forms. The emergence of Digital Outdoor (DOOH) also subtly changes the way of interaction between brands and consumers. Estimated 2017, the digital outdoor share will reach 50% of all outdoor revenue.

一.dynamic and interactive content

The real benefit of digital outdoor is that it is a form that lets you express your ideas through dynamic content that your audience can experience instantly and interact with. And it integrates third-party technologies such as touch screens or cell phones. In scenario activities, it is usually the most important way to encourage consumers to participate in the interaction of brand information.

Due to the creative cost constraints, the number of advertisers who choose to use digital outdoor is currently limited, but as digital outdoor popularity, quality, dynamic content, and the introduction of interactivity are also an opportunity for brands to innovate.

High input will also bring high returns, and if the same place of outdoor advertising into a digital outdoor, then for the 60s digital advertising, it will create the value of 10 seconds to double the previous.

二.flexible scheduling

Digital outdoor is flexible in terms of time and length of play. Unlike traditional outdoor advertising has a fixed delivery cycle, digital outdoor can start and end at any time.

With no need for technicians to change screens, even wireless technology allows users to upload and schedule content remotely.

In recent years, outdoor advertising industry has carried out a large number of its inventory upgrades and digital. The number of digital outdoor screens has risen from 2,056 in 2009 to 17,000 in 2017, with investment costs in excess of 100 million pounds.

Outdoor media owners themselves also regularly improve their infrastructure to provide a better delivery environment for digital outdoor.

三. highly targeted advertising

Digital outdoor real-time data can provide potential customers with specific content, depending on the audience, time, season, weather and other factors, for various venues to provide different versions of advertising content.

In order for advertisers to maximize their digital outdoors, advertisers tend to choose to play their ads for the time period that suits them, which also makes the ad more expensive.

Dove designed an ad in New York City Times Square that synched relevant weather data to digital billboards - showering in rainy days. If it rains in New York, the lady inside the billboard bathes with Dove products. This form is a creative experience that matches the real-time weather in the area.

四.outdoor will be fully digital?

Digital outdoor advertising is the industry's future development trend. Brands want to find the right crowd quickly and correctly, digital outdoor offers traditional outdoor advertising can not provide the data and information.

In Canada, Outfront Media has launched its own real-time analytics platform and reached a cooperation agreement with the mobile network Cellint. By accessing a large amount of data from Celint, the platform tracks all clicks per hour and weights those views.

In London, however, tfl (Transport for London) passed a four-week pilot study of 5.6 million handsets connected to the London Underground's WiFi network in an attempt to understand their online habits.

By getting to know people's livelihoods and moving even closer to where they are, it's quite possible that in the next few years, the cost of digital outdoor large screens will be valued on the basis of the cumulative amount of data. Traditional outdoor advertising will enter a transitional period, digital is bound to be the future direction of development.

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