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Bank Of America Stadium To Create Custom Interactive Space
- May 02, 2017 -

Vikings Voyage, a 10,000 square foot custom interactive space for the Bank of America stadium, gives the Minnesota Virgin Islands fans a unique experience. Transparent OLED touch screen, the use of radio frequency identification bracelet, virtual reality experience, to make this interactive space by all ages fans of all ages.



Just as Minnesota Vikings was ready to open a new American bank stadium in August 2016, they set aside a large area to improve the fans' day experience and to interact with the team's events.

Dimension Innovation (DI) works closely with Minnesota Vikings to create a truly unique fan experience with a 10,000 square foot of space on the pitch.

The Nordic / Viking theme provides a background for interactive projects including a 27-foot projection screen. The design and creation of the space highlights the unique environment of Minnesota, the team's technological innovation, the team's strong fan backup.


"We are looking for support for dimension innovation to help us develop an interesting and interactive experience that caters to fans of all ages," said Jenny Haag of Minnesota Vikings.

The number of new technologies used in the project is unique. The 27-foot curved screen is created by dimension innovation and is shipped, precisely implemented and deployed. The back of the screen is used to block ambient light from windows and so on.

The interactive game in order to be able to cater to the age of the fans, need to conduct multiple tests.


Voyage is responsible for designing, creating, and free of charge during the event. In space, fans have the opportunity to participate in a combination of theme activities, including wearing a virtual reality helmet. This space allows fans to track scores by wearing a bracelet that supports radio frequency identification.

The space also includes a full-size hull, with a 27-foot projection screen, showing Vikings history and modern images. Fans will be through the transparent LED screen to participate in the interaction, to understand the team's history, which is the first NFL (American National Football League) stadium.

This closed space provides a museum-like experience that allows fans of all ages to participate in the interaction. If you can add more social interactive applications, such as 56iq WeChat photo printer, social media topics to participate in the wall and other effects should be better.

Our diverse, creative designers, technicians, engineers and installers are able to work together to make the whole process seamless.


Since Vikings Voyage is only open for several months, we are still collecting valuable data. However, Minnesota Vikings is able to easily track the number of fans accessing space through radio frequency identification technology, the number of interactive games played (the first five games totaling nearly 10,000 games) and the number of times they returned, providing a new level of effective data. So far, we have received positive feedback.

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