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Eight Standards Of The Good Quality LED Screen/LED Display
- Jan 06, 2018 -

Eight Standards of the good quality LED screen/LED display

Nowadays, LED  display is gradually emerging and expanding, a large variety of displays, outdoor LED advertising screen has become the best choice for outdoor advertising, people in all aspects of the display is also getting higher and higher . What kind of display is the majority of customers in mind "good screen" it?

First, high resolution. A display with a higher resolution in order to make high-quality advertising screen may show.

Second, the high brightness, because of outdoor conditions require higher brightness, especially adjustable brightness.

Third, high grayscale, only with higher grayscale in order to make the display more uniform color, the image is more delicate, with high resolution, can make the display to show high-quality images.

Fourth, the high refresh rate, the screen refresh rate is high to make the camera, the camera shooting without black lines, color and other defects, the picture is more stable.

Fifth, high contrast, is a "good screen" one of the necessary conditions, otherwise the display of high-gray-scale performance does not come out,

Sixth, the role of white balance, white balance is to restore the true color of the screen, which directly affects the advertising effect.

Seventh, uniformity, it is also a "good screen" the necessary conditions, it depends on the quality of LED, display design level, production process level, calibration level, installation level and so on many aspects.

Eighth, large perspective, outdoor LED electronic advertising screen coverage angle of view, advertisers hope to be able to clearly and accurately view the original screen, so the pursuit of a large perspective is an inevitable requirement.

With the changes in the form of outdoor advertising. Good outdoor LED advertising screen there are more fine requirements, quality improvement and performance improvement is the same requirements, well,  I believe everyone on the "good screen" concept is also more profound . When buying their own led display, they will know how to choose a good led screen. 


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