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Future Classroom Will Become The LED Display Industry Money King
- Apr 18, 2017 -

As the main position of the implementation of teaching activities, is one of the most important learning environment, an advanced and efficient learning environment, will be the students' cognition, emotional attitudes and values, and so on. The formation has an important influence. However, in the modern sense of the classroom, in addition to the addition of a number of multimedia equipment, the classroom pattern and the traditional classroom is not much change, so a high-tech and traditional classroom integration of the future classroom research will be very important The meaning of.

What is the future classroom in the end?

"DisruptingClass," a book on the future classrooms have such a description: the future classroom is an integrated technology and software for students to provide some alternative methods and options to achieve the target of the classroom. He encourages the formation of a place where students work together, share lessons and conduct conceptual learning rather than simply remembering some information.

Second, the status of future classroom at home and abroad

At present, some developed countries on the future classroom research has been more mature, such as Japan's University of Tokyo as early as 2007 began to practice a future classroom - Komaba Active Learning Studio, it "to achieve an ideal freestyle education", as the goal , Breaking the traditional classroom structure and the use of a large number of the most cutting-edge information and communication technology, including the classroom space, waiting area, storage room, workplace and conference room a total of five concept areas, where the workplace at any time for the classroom to provide the necessary Support; storage rooms have a certain number of tables and chairs in order to support different sizes of the classroom; waiting area and classroom space is transparent with switchable glass, to facilitate visitors to interact with students; classroom space is the main teaching place, it can be used Flexible stitching of the watercress-type desk, to facilitate students to group discussion and collaborative learning, but also for each student is equipped with a Tablet PC to facilitate the students to calculate and search, in addition to a number of screens, wireless projectors, etc., teachers can receive timely feedback to the student in such a future ...... Students can use the room a more efficient way to organize knowledge, and fully mobilize the enthusiasm of students to participate in classroom learning and autonomy.

Third, the composition of the future classroom

In short, the future classroom must be cloud classrooms. Hardware, it includes intelligent recording and broadcasting system, electronic whiteboard, wireless projector, touch notebook, electronic textbooks, electronic desks, e-books, etc .; resources, from analog media to digital media, and then to the network media, all resources are ultimately Is in the education of the cloud, so that the formation of information technology, the total amount of knowledge surge, the educational content of a great rich, to meet the needs of each student's personalized learning.

The future classroom is a combination of psychology, space design, teaching theory and advanced science and technology to build a more suitable for students to explore the knowledge of learning environment, in this environment, the classroom becomes more intuitive, interactive, not only can effectively improve Classroom effect, but also better to promote students' ability to explore their own and the overall development of the mind.


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