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IFC 2017 Led Display Is Walking On
- May 08, 2017 -

April 14, the Asia-Pacific audio-visual industry's most influential exhibition infocomm china 2017 successfully concluded, according to the organizers of the relevant statistics, the exhibition, the total number of exhibitors increased by 20%, 40 new exhibitors, another industry The One of the ingredients, roughly divided into three camps: watch + listen + audio-visual, as the display industry media, for the time being will be missed aside, combined with the author three days exhibition, to talk about the IFC 2017 display those things The

Small spacing continues "spacing first"

Small pitch, experienced 2016 years of sustained high temperature, the first half of 2017 can be aware of the relevant manufacturers significantly low-key up. But nevertheless, still can not withstand the focus on small areas of business "for the distance war."

As the preferred competitive material for the DLP display to enter the display market, the DLP display becomes the first object to go beyond the small pitch. Then the DLP 1.2mm pixel is a small pitch must challenge and break, which has become the characteristics of this exhibition small spacing, to 1.2mm pitch in line. Including the field of security monitoring Zhuohua, ready to force the professional display of the market Abby, intelligent traffic in the field of thinking have shown a 1.2mm small pitch products.

In addition to 1.2mmDLP for the target, in fact, many manufacturers in the pitch and did not stop at 1.2, such as Zhuohua show 1.2mm small pitch, and according to my understanding, the production level can reach 0.9mm, Display its 0.9mm small pitch products; Mai Rui photoelectric small spacing level can reach 0.8mm, but because the market is mostly customized products, the demand is limited, did not show; Riard this exhibition on the 0.7mm Because of its own market share of the advantages have been recognized. However, in the case of a large market situation is basically stable, many markets are not very high for the development of small enterprises is worth the "small go", remains to be seen, it must be considered is: the distance is getting smaller and smaller Of the small products can be arrived on the cost of consumption, whether the market just needed. Or, as Wei Chong, the use of COB package and other technologies to break through innovation, leading the industry new development.

Well, for a small pitch, the author made it here. Leave you look at the trade-off.

Stitching market continues to heat up, show "big endless"

For the display, the second hot area, is still splicing screen. Why is it "still"? From the splicing screen of the "fire" in 2016 and did not decline, this is carried out to continue to heat up. You can see the current Riard, Chau Ming, Abby and other big business points and worry about showing its LED splicing series, and Philips this is a breakthrough single-screen, showing its single-screen 0.9mm, dual 1.8mm LCD splicing screen, the effect of its own combination of excellent technical characteristics and environmental design do not have to say; to software content based on the number of extension technology "tile" distributed rendering technology is also the field of splicing series; and TCL the main For the stitching of the intelligent cloud stitching structure can be seen stitching the market hot.

If the small distance in the search for the limit of small, then, splicing screen is the exploration of the limit. Large space, large size, large application, large range.

Large space, for any space, the use of splicing can show the effect to meet the diverse needs. Such as TCL this ring show used in the exhibition or retail applications, according to its relevant responsible person to understand: due to space constraints, this time only show the 8 screen splicing, if the space is enough, will show 16 screen splicing effect. Large-scale, can break through the size of conventional single-screen display size limit, creating "infinite splicing" visual shock effect; large applications, LED companies such as Zhuohua, Mai Rui, Pakistan and other conventional LED stitching in the professional display market applications become This exhibition is a focus; and the original focus on single-screen display of Philips, this also shows its splicing screen series, its application areas are more in the retail industry; and TCL show fan-shaped wall in the consumer field is Nice choice. Large-scale, splicing screen in terms of material or content are breaking the previous single-screen limitations, resulting in more industrial value-added space.

However, as the relevant person in charge of Abby Sen said: the majority of domestic LED small pitch splicing application in the field of professional display, in terms of price quality has not been resolved before the small interval display, splicing screen in the traditional commercial display applications Is an uncertain factor; LCD splicing in the field of commercial display is very hot, the popularity of the domestic market despite the need for time, but not too much of a problem.

Scene docking, creativity is king

Technology is almost, then, chatter "homemade". Black cat white cat, can catch the mouse is a good cat. Careful people can be found in the above bright spots for the interpretation, the author repeatedly or directly or indirectly stressed the market demand. How does the display market stimulate market demand? In the final analysis, or the return of the scene, the creative upgrade. Whether it is getting smaller and smaller segmentation of the small pitch LED market, or more and more stitching the market, all businesses must face a series of issues to consider: Where is my position? Who is my customer base? What kind of products do customers need? And then produce a unique idea. No longer limited to getting smaller and smaller, no longer limited to growing. But more and more "homely", more and more appropriate market. Substantial scene docking. The following are the same as the "

Well, said so much, to the summary of the time, to borrow the views of the respondents in the performance of the feelings for everyone to talk about it: the exhibition screen is no big idea, or a small distance more and more Small, patchwork more and more narrow, and industry segments will determine the needs of the next step in the display business. The technology will rise to the service, the product docked to the scene, is the king!


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