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LED Creative Application Design Is So Funny, Quickly Learn To Point
- Mar 31, 2017 -

Several foreign designers to cultivate people consciously throw garbage into the trash cans of the habit of the design of a funny smart trash, trash cans is an LED electronic display,  and the above shows the Russian box game. Every bucket to throw a piece of garbage, the display will fall on a module, so that garbage has become a funny process, so as to develop good habits.


Inside the trash is a hollow barrel, surrounded by three more than three LED lights composed of the display. The display can display a variety of pictures, even some animations, games. The internal sensor will recognize you throwing the garbage and virtualize the garbage into a small box.


In addition, the designers in order to allow people to consciously abide by the traffic rules, specially designed interesting LED road signs. And the LED lights placed in the ground, in order to remind the bow people.


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