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LED Display Misunderstanding Correction
- Dec 26, 2017 -

LED display life of 100,000 hours

LED material manufacturers issued by the technical information that the life of the LED light is ideal for 100,000 hours. Ideal state refers to the laboratory under constant voltage and constant current LED light-emitting from the light to completely no light time, 100,000 hours equivalent 11 years.

The water content of a barrel is determined by the lowest plank, LED display is currently used for civilian-level devices, the service life of not more than 8 years. The function as the display is to watch, when the display is lit only to see clearly at night is unable to explain that it is qualified, has the use value.

A car can be opened for 15 years, if not used for 3 years then scrapped. The environment and method used have a significant impact on the life of the product.

LED display to comply with national standard

General specification LED display for the 1995 ministerial standards. So far, there are many companies that meet the national standards, in the technological development of the standard after eight years look at the time, is not the standard.For example, out of control points, the national standard is three ten thousandths to φ3.75 indoor dual color display example. Generally 640x480 standard resolution display for 7 square meters, 43264 points per square meter, according to the national standard can have 90 points out of control. Who is still paying for such a display today?

LED display software free

Display industry widespread common problems in Chinese enterprises - only the production is not research and development. Currently only a few companies have genuine software. Piracy is illegal now.

LED display low prices

Depends on the cost performance rather than simply look at the price.


Grayscale as a two-color and full-color display is an important indicator. At present, the market is full of many 16 and 64 grayscale display posing as 256 grayscale. The control cost is only 256 gray level control 1/5. The easiest way is to play a more intense sports scenes VCD to see if the LED display can see clearly.

The best you can buy

All purchasing power comes from the need to meet the needs and have a certain lead. Blind pursuit will waste a lot of money to buy the function they do not need.

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