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LED Display Surface Treatment Types
- Jan 11, 2018 -

LED display surface treatment categories include:

    1. Plug light module

Refers to the DIP package of the lamp through the foot of the lamp through the PCB, the solder will fill the lamp hole in the hole, the module made by this process is inserted light module; advantages of large viewing angle, high brightness, good heat dissipation ; Disadvantage is the pixel density is small.

    2. Surface mount module

Surface mount is also called SMT, the SMT package of light through the welding process of soldering the surface of the PCB board, the lamp does not have to go through the PCB board, made of this technology module called surface mount module; advantages are: Display image is soft, pixel density, suitable for indoor viewing; disadvantage is that the brightness is not high enough, the heat sink itself is not good enough

    3. Subsurface module

Is a product between DIP and SMT, the LED lamp package surface and SMT, but its positive and negative pins and DIP, the same production through the PCB to welding, the advantages are: High brightness, good display, the disadvantage is: complex technology, maintenance difficulties.

    4. Three in one surface stickers

Refers to the R, G, B three different colors led chip package in the same colloid; advantages are: simple production, display is good, the disadvantage is that: spectrophotometry difficult, high cost.

    5. Three and a surface stickers

Refers to the R, G, B three kinds of independently packaged SMT lamps vertically in parallel with a certain distance together, so that not only has all the advantages of triple play, but also to solve the various shortcomings of triple play.

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