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LED Full Color Display Applications And Select
- May 15, 2014 -

In LED full color display in the, LED lamp beads is most key of a material, it a problem, other accessories again good also useless, so select good of LED lamp beads became manufacturers and user are very concern of things, but, many people does not know how identify lamp beads of pros and cons, general production manufacturers has technicians with professional of instrument and tool for experiment and detection, as user how detection does? Has 2 species method can detection, a is through LED display control software detection, will display for three color and the white balance effect Visual, see whether spent screen, color whether colored poor, whether has not highlights, and dark points, and high highlights, scan line test whether has drag shadow (leakage) and the often highlights, then play video test watch perspective, General indoor full color LED display can watch perspective level and vertical are for 120 degrees, outdoor full color LED display can watch perspective for level 100 degrees, vertical 50 degrees, If the viewing angle is too low, or substandard products.

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