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LED Screen Business Management Rules, Change U Disk As Memory
- Apr 26, 2017 -

Led display industry development so far, after a long period of innovation and development of some enterprises gradually in the industry in the fame, which ultimately, the efforts of all aspects of the enterprise. In addition to some hardware facilities and corporate hard power, the soft power can not be ignored, of which business management is essential, along with the development of the times, business management gave birth to a new concept: "new generation management." What is the "new generation"? "Cenozoic management" how to do, the article will make a specific interpretation.

Today, the Internet "spoiled" generation began to become the main workplace. They are "after 85" and "90", aged between 20 and 30 years old, called "new generation". This generation has a strong Internet mark, the most obvious point is that they will become their own plug and play "U disk", an unhappy will leave at any time, find another connection. And the market there is always such an opportunity to wait for them to take risks. Data show that: Cenozoic employees work less than a year to quit up to 56%, one to two years to replace the work of 25%.

Some people have considered an account: the loss of an important staff or important positions on the talent, companies need to invest at least 2 months, 4 months salary can find a new suitable candidate. In addition, additional 36 months to allow new employees to work in order to make it really play a role, and this period of salary and benefits of course, also counted in the company account.

Can be seen for the enterprise, "pull U disk" is a huge waste of energy. In particular, some small and medium enterprises, non-stop loss, frequent recruitment, will become the cost of business can not afford. Enterprises of course can not deny the "U disk" contribution, but the large "memory" is the key to good business operations. How to make the temporary connection of the "U disk" within the organization to become long-term "memory" This is a big challenge to the boss's level of cognition and management.

All kinds of "do not fly"

Self! This is the biggest label that people put on the new generation of employees. Guangzhou sunflower psychological counseling center founder, relationship psychologist Hu Shenzhi in an interview analysis: the new generation of employees mostly grow up in the only child family, as the center of the family, they have been in all aspects of the very good meet, do not like Fathers, like a lot of things in the brothers and sisters to strive for it can be.

Adulthood, this mentality was brought into the workplace, it will be "not obedient", "disobedient". They rarely obey the set of codes of conduct accepted and recognized by the organization. They like innovation, like to think in their own way to do things. And even they do not understand the importance of cooperation, always in the spirit of the team today to reflect the strong personal heroism, and in which efforts to reflect their unique value.

There is a lot of managers who are grumble at the new generation of employees. Work can not chat QQ, with colleagues do not come together, and even around no beautiful guy can become the reason for their resignation.

If the afternoon afternoon before get off work received a job, asked to complete early next Monday, the director how to arrange work? This is not the case before, because the "screw" and "masters" spirit, the previous generation of employees are often willing to sacrifice, the courage to sacrifice.

But to the new generation here, the world is not the same - they will ask this countless overtime, then ask is to pay overtime or tidy. In them there, sacrifice and sacrifice just like a legend, they are even too lazy to pretend to look like.

In addition to "not obedient", many new generation of employees are often fragile. Their growth on the road few setbacks, as people in the mouth of the "greenhouse grew up", poor compression capacity is inevitable.

Although the "people-oriented", "human management" has become the HR will speak the vocabulary, but many companies still see people as the recipient of the management process, the focus of enterprise management has accordingly become "how to make the best use of" , How to make it the greatest potential to create value for the enterprise. Once the sensitive new generation of employees aware of their own but as a tool is used, naturally can not be loyal to the enterprise.

Since the traditional rigid management model has not adapted to the more active thinking of the new generation of staff, and how to "use" management methods can not let managers in the heart of the new generation of employees, because the enterprise may not be the staff want.


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