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Rainy Season, Outdoor Display How To Waterproof Or Moistureproof?
- Mar 29, 2017 -

Ching Ming season near, rainy weather, such as about, hot and humid weather repeated. The LED display lamp beads are SMD components (humidity sensitive devices),and damp weather on the led display is a big challenge.


Outdoor LED screen waterproof is a challenge

Outdoor led display itself in the environment is more complex than the indoor, not only to consider the wet problems, but also do waterproof and other rain maintenance work, especially in some rainy seasons and regions. Central China, the southwest region along the river mostly sultry sauna climate, high temperature, humidity, easy expansion of the device deformation; in southern China, the coastal climate for the salt fog, typhoon, fog and other bad weather, high temperature and humidity; Greet the rainy season, high temperature, humidity, small wind speed, lack of light, easy to mold.


Screen waterproof design should be comprehensive

For the use of outdoor products, waterproofing problem is always difficult, so it needs to use a professional waterproof structure. Outdoor display products selected outdoor dedicated independent waterproof module and excellent sealing of the waterproof box, the module has a 4-layer waterproof structure, which can effectively avoid water vapor, salt spray into the screen body.

For the ubiquitous water vapor, but also for the product using a fanless design, reducing the leakage of water points; drainage hole design, sealing plastic processing, stainless steel 304 screws and locks, aluminum box and good insulation glass Fiber wrapped wire, can make the screen to withstand the erosion of rain.

It is worth noting that the welding is the most vulnerable place to rust,and it should pay attention to work, A1099 outdoor screen with a profile aluminum process, which can effectively achieve anti-rust effect.


In addition, the product can not be separated from careful maintenance, regular cleaning of the display attached to the external dust that can also help the display better heat, reduce the water vapor attached.


A good light is the basis for effective moisture

In the use of led display process, the humidity is too large likely to cause the lamp, PCB board, power supply, power lines and other parts of the oxidation of corrosion, resulting in dead light failure. In response to this problem, in the development of outdoor screen, the production of the lamp is very strict, high degree of standardization, the raw material inspection standards are extremely stringent to ensure the consistency of the lamp; using a first-class standard LED packaging process, ten years Only a kind of light; the choice is 99.99% purity gold thread and precision color ratio of epoxy resin, primer and other materials. In the process of making the lamp, Abby uses the electron microscope to check the wafer size, from the solid crystal tension, gold wire tension, tail control and other aspects of strict follow the process of operation, which ensures the product display more stable, but also Moisture has laid a better foundation.


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