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The Problems Faced With Of Led Display Enterprises In Production
- Mar 27, 2017 -

Led display industry development so far, in a strong market competition and survival pressure, the enterprise must be internally and externally to improve self-management and external strategies to enhance business influence, which are inseparable from the specific planning and layout of the enterprise, but the most fundamental is still in business management. At the same time, as a manufacturing-oriented enterprises, production planning management is particularly important.

Nowadays, led display enterprises in the process of doing the production plan, often faced with the problems that the forecast is not allowed, changing needs, urgent single change single, uneven production and marketing, frequently lack of material and many other problems, leading to business operations chaos, "Stock accumulation of mountains but not on time delivery" and "double lose" situation, and ultimately can not pay the goods, inventory hard to eliminate, drag the development of enterprises. So, led display business Why do bad production plan? Let us analyze the crux of the problem.

1. Supply chain system thinking is lacking

2. lack of demand management capabilities

3. lack of real master plan

   4. There is no logistics operation plan

   5. did not really understand the customer delivery

   6. Planning and implementation out of touch

   7. Planners do not understand the site

In summary

Although the current led display production planning management there are many problems, but in fact, "the problem that program", as long as we really understand the crux of the problem, the real action to analyze, pay attention to all levels of detail, Of course, the premise is led display business to understand the basic logic of the program management and value-oriented, if only "headache, foot pain," the effect is naturally not too obvious.

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