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What Is The Reason For LED Screen Appears All Black Screen?
- Jan 04, 2018 -

In the process of using the control system, we occasionally encounter LED screen appears all black screen phenomenon. The same phenomenon may be caused by a variety of different reasons, even the process of blackening the screen will be due to different operations or due to different environments. For example, it may be black at the moment of power-on or it may be black during loading, or black at the end of transmission.

1, please ensure that all the hardware, including the control system, has been properly powered on. (+5 V, do not connect the wrong, then wrong)

2, check and re-confirm the serial cable used to connect the controller is loose or off phenomenon. (If it is black during loading, it is likely due to the reason that the screen is black due to loose communication lines during communication. Do not think that the screen body does not move, the line can not be loosened, Please check it first, which is important if you want to solve the problem quickly.)

3, check and confirm the connection LED screen and the main control card connected to the HUB distribution board is closely connected, whether the reverse.

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